Velocity is about the people and technologies that keep the Web fast, scalable, resilient, and highly available. From ecommerce to mobile to the cloud, Velocity is where the future of the Web takes shape.

Velocity is the best conf for web engineers I've been to so far. Solid talks and invaluable info. Worth every penny!"
–Ismail Elshareef, via Twitter
When wicked fast still isn’t fast enough

No matter how fast and available your site is, there’s a constant demand to make it run even faster, all of the time. How do you keep up? Join the thousands of engineers, developers, operations pros, designers, and architects who come to Velocity every year.

Velocity is the place where you'll hear first about the latest web performance and operations techniques. It's where you'll learn from the people who live and breathe operations and performance year round. It's where you'll bring your biggest challenges and headaches, and find solutions that really work.

Reasons to come to Velocity:
  1. Operations: At Velocity, you'll learn what's important to monitor and when, understand which metrics make a difference, see how some of the world's largest sites deal with config management, failover, downtime, best practices, and other key issues in the operations side of the Web.
  2. Web Performance: If you measure your success in milliseconds, you'll find your time well spent as you immerse yourself in the latest tools, technologies, and expert advice on getting your site to perform at warp speed.
  3. Mobile: As mobile takes center stage with consumers, user expectations have skyrocketed. At Velocity, you won't just get the tools you need to make the mobile web faster, you'll learn how to measure, analyze, and improve mobile performance, including how UX/UI plays a key role in performance. You'll improve operations and deployment so your apps are never out of date or unavailable.
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